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Welcome Darleen Scott

Some of you have already had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of the Biffle and Associates Team, Darleen Scott.  She has filled in at the office this past year when Steve & Nancy were away.  Now she’s joined the team during the tax season.

Darleen is married to Milton Scott and is a long time resident of Columbus.  She is also the owner of a local small business, Dream Transport.  She will be working in several areas of the office and tax administration, along with answering your calls.  If you have an opportunity to meet or talk with her, be sure to introduce yourselves. 


We appreciated the fast and professional services.  You made tax time so very easy for us

It’s great to have someone who listens to our needs and concerns, then helps us to accomplish what we wanted to do.  Thanks for you help

Biffle and Associates provides Income Tax Preparation, Accounting Services, Consulting Services along with other services for individuals and business’s both large and small. We treat each client with the individual attention they deserve because we understand that no two clients are the same.

Whether you are located in the Columbus Ohio area, or anywhere in the USA, we are ready to assist you in a timely and professional manner.  Our approach is to deliver the services and information you need by tapping into our years of experience to represent the best interest of our clients.


Tax Preparation Services
We have over 30 years of experience preparing taxes for individuals, corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, trusts and estates.  You can feel confident that your taxes are in the best of hands.

Accounting Services
No matter the size of your business, we are here to ensure that our services help you know where you were, where you are, and where you will be.  We have various services to assist you in both your finances and tax planning.

Supporting your church and favorite charity can help lower taxes
At tax time, you may benefit if you donate to yo your church and favorite charities.  Here are a couple ways:

Cash Contributions – You usually can deduct your donations, but you must keep a record of each contribution, such as a canceled check or a bank statement containing the charity name, date and amount.  For contributions of $250 or more, you should receive a written receipt from the church of charity.

Non-Cash Contributions – Items that you give to charities such as Goodwill, Amvets, Kidney Foundation, etc., can also be deductible.  You need to get a receipt with the date of donation, then list items that you gave and keep it with the receipt.  It will be up to you to determine the value of the items given.  Most of the charities have guidelines for the values, using thrift store values.  Total non-cash contributions over $500 are required to be listed by the IRS on your tax return, indicating charity, date contributed, items donated, original value and current donation value.

Appreciated Stock – If you donate stock, it may be to your advantage to give the shares that have appreciated the most in value and would carry the highest tax if you sold them.

IRA Distribution – If you are older than 70 ½, you can contribute an IRA distribution of up to $100,000 to charity and exclude the amount from income.

Regardless of how you support your church or charity, remember to keep all receipts in case you plan to deduct your donations.  If you have any questions how this may affect your tax strategy, be sure to contact us.


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